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Data is only useful if you can find it. Use the flexible metadata system to describe your datasets with custom attributes or use one of the open standards from the schema repository. All attributes are verified every time anything changes to ensure the metadata meets your required format. We even supports advanced validation rules. Everything is searchable making it easy to find and share with colleagues.

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Store your data anywhere

GeoDataHub separates data and metadata. Store your metadata with us and keep your data anywhere you like. Locally on your PC, internal network drives, FTP, in the cloud, on your own website, offline harddisk or external archives. They are all support!
You can even store data in multiple locations and link them to the same metadata. This is great for tracking offline backups or for sharing data with external collaborators.

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Integrate into your workflow

Find, add, and update metadata directly from the tools you use every day. Missing support for your tool of choice? No problem - we give you everything you need to build it yourself or get in touch and we can build it for you.
You have full programmatic control to automate repeated tasks using any scripting language - but we offer great support for Python. Want to build a custom interface that fits your organization or workflow? No problem. Our open APIs and great examples will get you started quickly.

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••• bash
> ~ pip install geodatahub
Downloading geodatahub-2021.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (137kB) 100% |████████████████████████████████| 143kB 3.2MB/s
Successfully installed geodatahub-2021.1
> ~ geodatahubcli search depth > 100 and type == "borehole"
Found 2248 matching datasets
> ~ geodatahubcli scan c:\shared-geodata-folder\
Scanning folder for geodata...
Found 24 seismic sections
Found 82 wells
Found 10 airborn electro-magnetic surveys
Found 5 data quality issues
Missing 15 important metadata parameters
Would you like to upload the metadata? [Y/n]    

Access public data

Geodata is often scattered across multiple locations and difficult to find unless you know where to look. GeoDataHubs extracts open information from public and private data repositories and makes them searchable through a single interface.

Bring your own schema

Not all geoscientific data is created equal. Define your schema using the open JSON schema format so your schema is easy use across applications. Create your own or use one of the many open standard schemas from the repository.

We are open

We love open source and use it every day. Therefore, all our external components, interfaces and formats are open so you can make them work exactly as you want. Checkout our public code repository or read our open source principals.

Fine-grained access

Customize your data access using the hierarchical permission system. Allow data managers full access across your organization while contractors are limited to view access on selected projects. Learn more.

Build for automation

Want to automate your data exchange process? Or build an internal company-wide website to showcase your airborne datasets? You can do that, and a lot more, using our development-friendly environment.

Store data anywhere - off- or online

By storing your metadata separately you can store your data anywhere. Also offline. Allow users to request datasets from your physical archive or offline tape backups in a single system.

    In development

Automatic data quality

Ensure high data quality by using the build-in data quality engine. Scan your datasets and check for common issues such as empty files, duplicated data, missing headers, and more.

    In development

Data lineage

Knowing the origin of shared data is important. Using the lineage feature your can track changes and reduce misunderstandings about processing steps.

    In development

The bazar is open

Buy or sell geoscienctific data seamlessly. Discover new data sources and checkout directly through the platform. Check quality before purchase and receive dataset updates.

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GeoDataHub is designed to work with the tools you already use. Missing an application? Get in touch. We might already be working on it.